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She is an educator and a public servant with academic and professional experience in management consulting. She is a nonprofit founder and leader.

She has 10+ years working in the nonprofit industry.

Elizabeth Akua Nyarko Patterson

President, EANP Consults


Since our inception, EANP Consult has been totally
focused on supporting budding non-profit budding leaders and startup founders to better strategize in order to transition their ideas into thriving organizations

Everywhere you turn it seems there’s a new start up or nonprofit organization founded.


The ideas and solutions are plentiful but many of these organizations and companies lack the proper strategy and implementation plan to take their ideas from the ideation stage to early stage, thereby positioning them to thrive and become sustainable in the growth stage. 

EANP Consult helps nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs/ startups  who need guidance developing and implementing their strategic plans as well as their programs/ projects to define their problems and articulate their solutions as they prepare to implement and enter the market.

EANP Consult supports you by providing an exhaustive environmental scan to assess your competitive advantage and thrive

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